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The National Drug Strategy, Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery (2017-2025) acknowledges the need to ensure there is a clear clinical pathway for people with a dual diagnosis. 55% of the referrals to FAST are participants with dual diagnosis looking for support services.

FAST’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020, Delivering our Ambition: Recovery for a better Life has delivered the establishment of a dual diagnosis team, which means that participants can receive a targeted intervention from a dedicated worker with a background in dual diagnosis.

Integrated Services:  We provide a range of options including the integration of a psycho-social to the Finglas community and beyond. It is envisaged that integrated care will help improve access to and engagement in treatment as well as outcomes for people with dual diagnosis..

Family Crisis & intervention: Crisis interventions  are dealt with promptly ensuring diffusion of difficult scenarios.

Interagency Work: We work and collaborate with GP’s, mental health services, acute services and suicide support services to develop and provide evidence based targeted interventions and support programmes such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), motivation interviewing (MI) etc.

Participants Benefits: Reduction in substance use, improvement in family relationships, improved coping skills, improved health & well-being, reduced trauma, improved quality of life, improved physical health, improved mental health. A critical benefit is the reduction of participants ‘falling between the gaps’ as treatment is in one place and participants get the right type of treatment at the first time of asking.

You can make an appointment by contacting FAST on (01) 8110595 or email

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FAST is a non-profit organisation and as such we often lack the resources to advance and develop our services as quickly as we would often wish to. Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity for you to give something to your community. There are many ways to volunteer your time and expertise to the benefit of FAST and the Finglas community.