Christopher Larkin’s Inspiring Story

I decided to start off 2021 by doing a charity month to raise awareness around addiction and mental health. Addiction and mental health issues have forever been a part of my life, mostly through family members and friends, but have always had its part in my life. Growing up, I grew up around addiction and as I got older I realised that I grew up around people with poor mental health. I wanted to try raise awareness and some money to go towards FAST Finglas.
For the month of January I decided I would run everyday and try reach 400k. I decided I would do a sea swim everyday as well. The reason I decided to do this was because for me running has had such a huge positive affect on my own mental health along with swimming but also I wanted to show people that you can do anything you out your mind too. After I finished this I then decided I would run from my house in Gormanston Co.Meath down to Glasnevin Cemetery Co. Dublin. The run came to 54k.
The reason I ran to Glasnevin Cemetery is because my dad is buried there. My dad lost his battle with addiction and mental health in October 2014. It is a cause close to my own heart and I am honoured and grateful to be able to give back now to an organisation like FAST who have helped plenty of family and friends of mine and I’m sure many others.
I raised €2400 in the month and ran every kilometre for a better mental health.