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This section is dedicated to peoples experiences of Addiction and how they found help through contacting FAST and dealing with their drug/alcohol use.  For testimonials from participants, follow this link: Testimonials

Poetry Corner

For the drug I loved so much


For my dear friend cocaine – for all the late nights we spent together. Them long and empty nights, the ones I’d be looking at, things I didn’t want to see

The lies, the robbing and all the madness in my head. I would like to let you know something – I’m saying goodbye now – because you have put me through hell – you pulled my life apart, you destroyed my family....

I didn’t care,. I let you into my life, I stopped eating, I could not sleep, I felt alone, I cried. No-one cared you were killing me well, you didn’t care....

Well, Goodbye.. By the way, I’m clean now, oh shit, I forgot... I’ve got my family back now.. We laugh now, we sleep now, we eat now... we have fun now....

I can see my blue eyes now, we care now, we have an understanding now...I can FEEL now.

I’m not isolated now, I have a heart now.....

There’s no more lies now, I don’t feel alone no more.. So stay in Hell old ‘friend’ for I’ve new friends now...


Radio Interview

"...losing everything you's a very scary thought..."

Listen to "John" talk about his experiences with cocaine and how he took the steps to get help and turn things around for himself

FM104 Radio Real Life for a Real World radio report on Cocaine Addiction

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