On average over 430 people have used the service in 2012 .The best way to get a sense of what FAST is about is to listen to appraisals from other people who have availed of the service.  The following testimonials will give you some  insight into their journey with us.

Cocaine Support

"I approached FAST for help with my Cocaine Addiction.  Before entering the service, I had no expectations of the road that lay ahead in relation to my treatment.  One of my greatest fears was the thought of interacting with people, and allowing outsiders to examine every aspect of my life.  My expectations were unfounded as I found myself in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which boosted my confidence and made the experience less daunting....

....I decided to make some positive changes in my life and have been drug free for four years. I enrolled in a college course for two years to keep my mind focused.  I have made positive choices and changed my whole lifestyle....

.....The most valuable lesson to gain from this experience is that there is support out there for those who are affected by addiction.....

I would not hesitate recommending FAST to any other member of my family or friend, as the support I received was very beneficial in helping me stay drug-free." (D.B)

"On entering FAST I was very anxious and I had very little coping skills. But by linking in with FAST on a regular basis, and attending one to one support, acupuncture sessions, massage and Discovery Group, it has helped me to change in loads of ways; reducing my anxiety levels, increasing self-esteem and helping me to interact socially with people.

I found talking in one to one sessions has helped me to deal with a lot of issues in my life like anxiety, low self-esteem and depression.  And by doing this I have been able to set goals for myself like reducing my drug use and then accessing residential treatment to become completely drug free, which I am in the process of doing.

I tell my family and friends about the services that FAST have to offer, and encourage those if they need it."(K.V)

I had some fears at first about using the service as I did not know much about them and feared what I was getting myself into. These fears were soon put to rest when the counsellors put me at ease. They were very trustworthy and confidential. The complimentary therapies that were offered to me such as hypnotherapy sessions, acupuncture and massage therapy helped me relax and enjoy the experience.

Family Support

I needed support and information on how to help myself, this led me to FAST. I found all my expectations were met and that each week I learned how to cope with situations. It was also useful to see how others coped in the same situation.

After a while, I learned to let go a bit and take one day at a time. The one fear I did have about joining the group was the fear people would talk outside the group. These fears were soon overcome and I learned to trust the group.

For me the most important and valuable part of the group is the shared experiences. It allowed me to have some time that was about me and not the addict. I would have no problem recommending FAST to someone close to me.(Family Support Participant)

I was at a very low point in my life and did not know where to turn; this led me to contact FAST.  The FAST team were like one big happy family, I found them very welcoming. They have made a big difference to my life in so much that I don’t worry as much and know I am not alone.

The Family Support group are brilliant, everyone is so kind. They have the same problems and this makes us all understand addiction more. I would happily recommend the service to someone I know (Family Support Participant)

The Discovery Group“The Discovery Group is fantastic, the support and encouragement is excellent. I am delighted to have been part of it.

The participants in the group were amazing and to be able to support, encourage and have belief in one another is truly amazing. Learning things like our needs, Addiction and triggers etc... Plus much more things from the group also may have great effect.

I do believe though that what you put into the group is very important and will help you even more. There were sad moments but that’s ok the upside is there will be many laughs to make up for it. If you are ready and want to change go for it, go for it discover yourself.

That’s why it is called the Discovery Group. You will learn many things about yourself as I did and the group. Enjoy and be good.(L.C)

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