Aftercare support

climbing up mountain in a teamHave you struggled with alcohol and/or drugs in your life, but are now living without using any substances?

Living drug and/or alcohol free can be challenging. Dealing with issues and feelings that normally would have been avoided in addictions can leave an individual in recovery very confused and isolated.

FASTaftercare provides both one to one counselling and group support.

You can contact us for an assessment to determine which part of the service suits you best.

Aftercare group

The Aftercare group in FAST provides a place for people to come and get support as they move forward in their recovery.

This group is limited to 10 people who wish to establish strong supportive links with others in a similar situation.

The group aims to balance serious talk in a confidential environment with an outlet for fun through organising social events and weekends away.

FAST Aftercare group meets from 7pm to 9pm Wednesday evenings

If you are interested in finding out more, you can contact Andy on 01 8110595, or email on