May 7, 2019

Dual Diagnosis Community Forum - Finglas/Cabra

As many of you will know dual diagnosis is when someone is coping with both mental health and addiction problems. Do you want to help shape the approach to dual diagnosis at community-level?

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Dublin City University has been commissioned to undertake community research into dual diagnosis. A community research steering group comprising a range of stakeholders across the community, representative of service users, family members and service providers are working with DCU to oversee the research process.

The overall aim of the research is to conduct a community stakeholder needs analysis and service response to people with dual diagnosis in Finglas/Cabra.

The research aim will be met through the following study objectives: 
1. A targeted literature review of effective needs-based community services in Ireland and other similar jurisdictions.

2. An exploration of community experience, knowledge, capacity and resources to respond to people with dual diagnosis in their community.

3. Investigate the experiences of people with dual diagnosis and their unmet needs from statutory and other community services/agencies.

4. Exploration of the wider impact of dual diagnosis on the community/families/local statutory and non-statutory organisations.

An important part of the research process is the organisation of two ³open dialogue conferences² for all stakeholders in including service users, family, interested local people, local professionals, statutory and voluntary services etc.

The second and final "open dialogue conference" will be held on Thursday 30th May 9.30am ­ 12.30am at the Deaf Village, Heritage Centre, 7 Ratoath Rd, Cabra West, Dublin 7.

You are very welcome to come along and participate in this very important process.

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