Apr 24, 2019

The Walk of Hope

The Walk Of HOPE Team are delighted to announce their 5th annual Walk Of HOPE in Finglas Sunday morning 19th May meeting at 3.30am.

For Finglas meeting point will be Tolka Valley Park on Rathoath Road, (scribblestown entrance).

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Posted by: fasteditor
The Walk of Hope Team are asking people to come join them on this emotional and empowering experience. Come together and remember your loved ones who are gone too soon to suicide.  Come support each others families and also, to let those who are living with mental illness know that we embrace them into their communities.

So walk together and speak openly about mental health issues. Lets come together and break down the stigma that surrounds mental health lets break down the barriers.

The Walk of HOPE team do this each year for the Mental Health Reform, so put the date in your diary. Please share and invite friends and family.

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