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Feb 13, 2018

Self-Harm Awareness Conference 2018 - Understanding Self-Harm

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services and Pieta House are holding their third Self-Harm Awareness Conference on 1st March 2018 (Self-Injury Awareness Day) at the AVIVA stadium.
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This year’s conference is aimed at healthcare, social care and education providers, as well as policy makers, influencers and funders and will focus on the theme of ‘understanding self-harm’. 

A recent study by Long (2018) examined the negative impact felt when self-harm is misunderstood. It was found that the stigma associated with self-harm both at a cultural and media level, can greatly influence a young person’s self-perception, increasing their self-harming behaviour and reducing the likelihood that they will seek the necessary help.

The same study also found that those who work with people who engage in self-harm may be driven by fear and the need to act quickly, which may not get to the heart of the issues that clients are facing (Long, 2018*). Such studies highlight the need to better understand and destigmatize self-harm.

As part of the conference, three workshops focusing on three specific themes about understanding self-harm will be held. These will be held in parallel sessions and there will also be soapbox groups, whereby attendees will be able to share their thoughts about self-harm and any issues/discussions raised during the day. Attendees can register for the workshops during registration on the day.

Provisional timetable for the conference
8.15-9 am: Registration

9-9.20 am: Welcome from Paul Gilligan, CEO, St Patrick's Mental Health Services and Brian Higgins, CEO, Pieta House

9.20-10 am: Keynote speeches from Eoghan McDermott, television and radio presenter, and Ellen Townsend, professor of psychology at The University of Nottingham.

10 am: Tea and coffee break

10.30 am-12.15 pm: Panel presentations and roundtable discussions

12.15-1.15 pm: Lunch

1.15-2.15 pm: Workshops: 

Workshop Session 1 (1.15pm): Three x 30-minute workshops and one x 30-minute soapbox running concurrently 

Workshop Session 2 (1.45pm): Three x 30-minute workshops and one x 30-minute soapbox running concurrently 

The themes of the workshops include:

Young people and self-harm
Self Care for those impacted by self-harm

2.15-3 pm Closing session

Fee includes access to all sessions and workshops, lunch and refreshment breaks.