Jan 13, 2011

FAST launches strategic plan

Copies of our Services Report 2009 and our Strategic Plan 2010-2013 are available for download. Clink on this link to read more about the launch

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Picture of globe with news ticker around itFAST launches Strategic Plan 2010-2013


Following months of review and forward planning workshops, conducted with the board, staff and separate workshops with participants and family members  between November 2009 and March 2010, FAST launched a three-year Strategic Plan 2010-2013 in May 2010.

The Strategic Plan clearly articulates a focussed Mission and Vision for FAST placing importance on existing participant centred services as well as local community involvement.

Central to the FAST Strategic Plan is the belief that participants are co-producers of their recovery process and a strengths/assets based approach is encouraged throughout the organisation.

While the primary role of FAST is to provide a service to our participants, we also see our role wherever appropriate to catalyse the community to become a stronger, more inclusive place for our participants to live.

The launch was well attended by participants, their families, community people, local politicians and by many local and national organisations, whose support was greatly appreciated by FAST.

You can download a copy of our  2009 report and strategic plan by clicking on the links below

FAST Services Report 2009 pdf

FAST Strategic Plan 2010-2013. pdf

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